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John Lloyd – Angel Movie “Unofficially Yours” Excites the Fan in Me

Who wouldn’t be excited for “Unofficially Yours” when every woman thinks she’s “unofficially” Lloydie’s girl while every man would settle to be Angel’s “unofficial” boy.

This John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin team up has gone a long way since their love team was introduced in TV series “Imortal” years ago. In February, we’ll be finding ourselves falling in love line to watch this film in cinemas.

Needless to say, ‘Unofficial Yours’ is one of the most anticipated local movies of the year as it is the first team up of Cruz and Locsin on the big screen. As early as today, movie goers predict this movie to be a blockbuster hit that would, hopefully, break the records set by “No Other Woman” and “Praybeyt Benjamin” last year.
“Do relationships need an official status?” For many, yes! But for the rest, pwede nang… ‘unofficially yours.'”
Such lines from the trailers would surely raise eyebrows of some of our friends though the title alone seems to be crossing over the thin line that separates “moral” from “immoral.” But whether it’d be given justice in the film or not, we need to find out. Let’s wish that this movie won’t just bank on John Lloyd and Angels‘ huge fan bases but on the story, its content, the script and the technical aspect, among others so to be worthy of our time and money.
In the recently released poster of the movie, John Lloyd and Angel posed naked (or wanted to be imagined as that) couple being covered by a spread of newspaper, which details some concepts of the film.

The film deals about a man who falls in love with someone who doesn’t want to fall in love. John Lloyd plays the role of Macky Galvez, a depressed young man who’s been contemplating on why he had several failed relationships. Angel, on the other hand, plays the role of Ces, a modern-day woman who is afraid of commitments. When their worlds collide, a funny yet sexy love story develops!

Directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, “Unofficially Yours” tackles the not so touched issue on the Western dating and sex culture that’s been around the country (and has become our culture too) for a long time now. The film, though may not be focused on, still, highlights “casual sex” or “one night stand,” among so many faces of pre-marital sex that some may disagree with but the rest enjoys.

And yes, we have seen John Lloyd and Angel do the ‘tweetum’ roles and some more mature ones but this, as the title and trailer suggests, is the first time they’d do some explicit (and I don’t know to what extent) scenes (hoping there is) in a movie.

Watching the trailer makes this Lloydie fan in me got excited. So here are some lines, which are believe are quotable, for that fanatic in you:

Lloydie’s friend: “Sus naman! One night stand nga eh. Ano pa bang gusto mong mangyari? Nakalimutan mo magthank you?

Lloydie: “Ah ganun ba dapat mag thank you?”

Angel: “Sa isang bagay kasing pinipili, may isang libo kang tinatanggihan.”

Lloydie: “E pano kung patunayan sa’yo ng isang pinili mo na higit pa sya sa isang libong tinanggihan mo?”

Unofficially Yours Movie Trailer:

Enough for you to watch ‘Unofficially Yours?’

Update: Here’s the full trailer of “Unofficially Yours!”

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  1. Brey_ew February 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    ang ganda!!

  2. Kdionio June 1, 2012 at 3:26 am

    gusto ko nyong line na sinabi ni john lloyd kay angel nung sinapak ni johnlloyd ung x boyfrend ni angel. sna my magpost ng video or lines na sinabi ni john llyoyd sa buong scene na un ..

  3. Elysplanet June 2, 2012 at 5:30 am

    @Kdionio – wala na akong matandaan sa line ni John Lloyd. Pero magaling talaga sya! :)

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