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Sex, Violence on Mario Maurer’s Thai Film, “Jan Dara”

If young Filipinos are enjoying Mario Maurer’s cuteness and “pakilig” in Filipino film, “Suddenly It’s Magic” his young fans in Thailand are barred from watching his erotic film, “Jan Dara.”


Mario Maurer stars in Thai erotic film, “Jan Dara”.

Full of nudity, sex, and violence, “Jan Dara: the Beginning” is first of the two-part-film remake of the 2001 movie, “Jan Dara.” It has premiered in Thailand mid-October but is labeled “For Adults Only,” which means only those who are 21 years old and above can watch the film.

Directed by Bhandevanov Devakula, the second part, ‘Jan Dara: the Avenger‘ is set to be released in 2013.

It is an adaptation of the period novel, nom de plume of Pramun Unhathup’ by Utsana Phloengtham. The novel was published in Thai newspapers from 1964 to 1966.

The Mario-Maurer starrer film was actually the third film adaptation of the novel. In 1977, the first film adaptation, “Chan Dara” was done under the direction of Rat Setthaphakdi.

Synopsis (Jan Dara: the Beginning): The lifelong tragedy of Jan Dara (Mario Maurer) begins the moment he was born. The year is 1915, and one stormy night in the Pijitwanich Residence in Bangkok, a mother dies while giving birth to her son. The boy is Jan Dara, and his father, Wisnan Decha, believes that the child is the reason for the death of his dear wife. He curses the boy and vows to punish him with utmost severity. The name Jan is given to the boy, a short form Jan Rai – or The Scum. Jan grows up in a small house in the garden of the Wisnan House under the care of his Aunt Wad (Bongkot Khongmalai) and his best friend is Ken (Chayapol Julian Pupart), the son of a house servant. Aunt Wad soon becomes Wisnan’s new wife and they have a daughter, Kaew (Sho Nishino). Kaew is the apple of Wisnan’s eyes and he taught Kaew to share his hatred for Jan. The dark and disturbing secret is that the Wisnan House is a playground of sexual excess. Wisnan is a man obsessed with carnal pleasure. Fornication is his sport and routine, and Wisnan would perform sexual acts of different kinds with any female in the house… The children in the house – Jan, Ken and Kaew – grew up in the giddy atmosphere of erotic indulgence, and soon they begin to seek pleasure of their own…

Maurer’s Filipino fans are actually hoping for the film be released in the Philippines as “Suddenly It’s Magic” is becoming a big hit in the country since it was released on October 31. Suddenly It’s Magic is getting rave reviews from critics, highlighting Maurer’s acting power and his chemistry with on screen partner, Filipina actress, Erich Gonzales.

As of this posting, there’s no reports whatsoever that “Jan Dara” will be shown in the Philippines. Suddenly It’s Magic on the other hand is currently being shown in various cinemas in Singapore and will soon hit other Asian countries’s theaters.

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