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TV5’s ‘Kanta Pilipinas’ airs early 2013; Top 24 Finalists Revealed

When it comes to reality TV singing competition, TV5’s “Kanta Pilipinas,” which is scheduled to premiere January or February 2013 is the most promising of all.


“Kanta Pilipinas” will air early 2013 on TV5. It’s an all-original Filipino concept reality singing competition that will air on TV featuring the country’s most promising singers.

With all-original Filipino concept and with the internationally-acclaimed singer and stage actress, Lea Salonga as host, “Kanta Pilipinas” promises to provide a different search for the country’s next singing sensations.

“The show will chronicle the different stories of many Filipinos aspiring to have their talent be heard. Following their journey, their struggles and their triumphs, we will get to witness their transformation from being regular folks with raw talent to becoming a star,” Kanta Pilipinas said on its website.

In the reality show, the contestants will be working with the country’s top music producers “to hone their talent, collaborate, produce original compositions and develop their skills and personality,” the website added.

The Top 24 were presented through a music video shown to media early December 2012 and ElysPlanet.Com got to see some of them perform live during TV5’s Christmas party for the press.

Even as before the competition started, we could say they are among the Philippines’ promising singers.

Kanta Pilipinas Top 24

  1. Esther Martinez – Fierce biritera from Surigao
  2. Haizel Fernando – Commercial Model, Dancer, Song Writer and Singer from Makati
  3. Giancarlo Baldonido – Singapore based professional singer, cancer survivor
  4. Roshelle Soledad – Eazy Maze Band Singer (Padi’s Point)
  5. Adrian Joseph “A.J.” Tabaldo – singer from Santa Maria, California, former American Idol Contestant
  6. Jennifer Maravilla – New Born Divas Member, former Talentadong Pinoy Contestant
  7. Dea Jizelle Formilleza – former Star Power Contestant
  8. Carlo & Nicole – Siblings – Children of Filipino Jazz Singer Mon David, professional singers
  9. Allan Gonzales – Blind Inspirational Singer
  10. Janeth Gomez – former contestant Diz Iz It!
  11. Jacob Gayanelo – McDo Commercial, ABS-CBN Talent, Model, freelance Actor
  12. Allison Gonzales – Opera Belles member, SM Batangas Audition
  13. Gregory Llamosco – former Pilipinas Got Talent contestant, ABS-CBN Talent
  14. Zari Bilon – PNU Student, Are You the Next Big Star contestant – tagged as Alicia Keys of the Philippines
  15. Raz Mendoza – Graduating Student from Caloocan
  16. JB and Daniel – JB (Australia) Daniel (Metropop Contestant – KESA), Former artists
  17. Pia Diamante – SM North Edsa audition, Model
  18. Timmy Pavino – Pop Balladeer from Seattle, Washington, GMA Talent
  19. Thara Therese Jordana – Former ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent / Are You the Next Big Star contestant
  20. Isaiah Antonio – Internet Sensation (AMALAYER SONG PARODY)
  21. Ferns Tosco – Island Girl Singer from Boracay
  22. 5as1 – Las Vegas based (some members) professional group
  23. Ricky Deloviar – Iloilo Audition, former Protege season 1 contestant, GMA talent
  24. Chadleen Lacdo-o – Operation Smile Ambassadress – Charice Look a Like

Who among them will be declared first ever ‘Kanta Pilipinas’ winner? Join us as we follow the contestants reach for the star. Should you have early favorites, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Salonga, a Tony Award winning Filipina celebrity sung the theme song together with the 24 finalists for this video.

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