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Krista Miller reason for Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano’s ‘separation’ rumor

Almost five years since they first separated but eventually reconciled, married couple Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano are into another separation issue again — now due to a woman named Krista Miller.


Sunshine Cruz and husband for almost 13 years, Cesar Montano (left) has reportedly ‘separated’ because of his affair with newcomer, Krista Miller (right).

Instagram photos and Twitter posts of Cruz revealed Montano’s affair with Miller.

“I’m so sorry dear friends and family. I have been really quiet but when kids are affected unfair na yun. It is actually them who told me about this. They are hurt! I’m moving on. With my children. God bless you both for doing this to us.”

The tweet seems to be suggesting another ‘separation’ but that’s yet to be known. Montano hasn’t issued any statement yet as of this posting.

Earlier on Thursday, Cruz revealed that the gifts she and her sister-in-law gave Montano were given to Miller. An iPhone 5 and A&F shirt, as well as Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Cruz tweeted Miller:

“@iamKRISTAMILLER just have the decency to return the iphone 5 my dear. Im sure you can do better that that. @heavensmother she has my iphone5 and shirt! Lol!”

She also alleged Miller of sending Montano provocative and sexy pictures, and messages to her husband.

On Tuesday, January 15, Cruz tweeted Miller but without too much details of what was goin on. She said, @iamKRISTAMILLER I know you. Yes I do!;) ask my kids coz they know you too! Lol!:p”

Then a follow-up tweet saying, “some talents would choose to have a career in showbiz the easy way. I dont believe in shortcuts. Magpursige ka, dapat marunong makisama at sana may RESPETO ka sa kapwa.;)”

Miller’s twitter account is protected. ElysPlanet.Com will try to get her side for this post.

Aside from these tweets, Cruz went as far as commenting on the photos posted by Miller on Instagram.

One of Miller posts reads, “I hope one day I’ll be your first priority” to which Cruz in essence replied, “you might soon be his first priority, pagdasal mo.”

Here are the photos and comments:

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

Cruz and Montano have been married since September 14, 2000. They have been blessed with three daughters, Angeline Isabelle, Samantha Angeline and Angel Francheska.

Back in 2008, Montano was linked to model Mariana del Rio which caused their marriage to almost come to an end. But they survived.

Will it be able to survive again this time?

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