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Model Sebastian Castro Admits He Is Gay, So What?

“Sebastian Castro, who?”

You may ask.

Uhm, that’s actually my reaction when blogger-friend Mj De Leon tagged me on Twitter about the (as per Dale Bacar) “over-dramatic” coming out of Peruvian model Sebastian Castro.

Sebastian or Seb for his fans came out through the podcast “Becky Nights” on Monday.

In the YouTube video, he said, “I just came out of the closet on all my social media. I am gay. I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be one of you.

The 22-year-old model was one of the 69 hunks featured at the controversial Cosmo Bash last year.


Sebastian Castro naked, wet and gay

Should it be true, his coming out is a brave act especially in the Philippines where most men showbiz personalities wouldn’t dare to do for it’s tantamount to career suicide.

But I see the act aside from being ‘over-dramatic’ as Dale puts it, more of a publicity stunt. Well, Sebastian was able to get some attention for quite a few hours on Twitter as he’s been a trending topic tonight. And with bloggers and the local media picking it up, there’ll definitely be more of Sebastian in the next few hours, or maybe days.

I am more interested of what would it benefit his career and the fans in the future.

Well, if he could advocate for some gay rights or causes that involve the LGBT community, the better. That’s even better than being a talk of the town in social media for a few hours days weeks.

It would be of greater impact though if his act could encourage known Filipino rumored gay personalities, the likes of Piolo Pascual and Enchong Dee to come out as well. Uhm, no, am not saying they’re confirmed gays. Unless they say it, let’s believe it as is.

UPDATE: I actually the got the chance to meet and talk with Sebastian (or Seb). He has been involved in a lot of projects for the welfare not only of the gay community but the public in general. You can find here more articles about him as he promotes safe sex and campaigns against the spread of HIV.

Click here to read uhm maybe… ’20 signs that one is gay’

Or is coming out necessary?

I would like to think that coming out is no longer a big deal for Filipinos especially these days when almost everyone is gay. And those who still think that being gay is unacceptable are only the closet gays themselves or are just plain stupid.

Hey, it’s 2013!


Sebastian Castro is gay and sizzling hot in this photo

Update: We featured Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee on another post. Head on to this link to see their awesome photos.

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  1. disqus_y0HTS2gh0g February 19, 2013 at 10:25 am

    You can come out in any way you want. Coming out is a personal choice and the question whether it’s necessary depends on that person.

  2. Slythe March 10, 2013 at 1:10 am

    Coming out is, indeed, a choice. It really depends on the person especially if that person is a public figure whose identity seems vague to other people.

    I think what Sebastian Castro did may be deemed an additive to a brewing publicity about him. But it is his way of being true to himself, especially if there is a connotation attached to his music video.

    I only knew about him when he came out after a link was shared to me via FB. But then, when I realized how brave he was in doing it, I have come to admire him.

    Yes, he is sexy. No doubt about that. What I wanted to happen, which I really prayed is someone who would stand as a gay role model for those whose sexuality seems vague to other people in the Philippines.

    Let’s admit it: Some gays are straight-acting and deeply closeted. And I believe I am one of those but…. I am not too closeted.

    What he did would require for him to come out, then it is perfectly fine, considering it is his right of expressing what he truly is.

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