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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to pair anew in ‘Got To Believe’

This time, you Got To Believe in Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s magic once more.

You first saw their magic worked on the TV series, “Princess and I”, then again you saw it worked in the movie, “Must Be Love”.

Wanting more of their magic? You ‘Got To Believe.’


A scene from the upcoming 2013 romantic comedy series, “Got To Believe” starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo – Photo from Twitter

So cheezy, eh? Uhm, that might be a statement from from a KathNiel fan out there.

This phenomenal loveteam is set to hit the prime time with “Got To Believe” and the teaser could be found below.


Late actor Rico Yan with then girlfriend Claudine Barretto in the 2002 film, “Got 2 Believe”

But before you hit that play button (or you might have played it already before reading this… K fine!), let me tell you this… the sound track of the series, ‘Got to Believe in Magic,’ originally sang by David Pomeranz and was revived by band Side A just made me miss my favorite Rico Yan so much!

Plus, in this series’ trailer, they showed Rico Yan who starred in the Got 2 Believe movie with Claudine Baretto, his last film before his March 2002 death. In case you don’t know, Got 2 Believe movie is one Filipino film teenagers during the time of his death (this author included) loved and will forever cherish. *Teary Eyed Now*

It was a box-office success.

We could only hope that this generation’s Rico and Claudine, in the persons of Kathryn and Daniel, could give us of what we expect of them.

Got To Believe (2013), is an upcoming romantic comedy prime time series that ABS-CBN presented during the network’s Trade Launch at the NBC Tent on March 7. It’s one of the Kapamilya shows the network offers in celebration of its 60th Anniversary.

Details of the story is yet to be announced but as of press time, the KathNiel supporters are shouting out on Twitter how excited they are for the TV show.

We will keep our eyes on this series so better bookmark this link and tag @elysplanet on Twitter whenever you feel like wanting to see some magic. Uhm, that’s a bit exaggerated. Ok, you just Got To Believe.

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