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Philippine Elections 2013 Results: Poe Dominates Senatorial Race, Binay, Angara Enter Top 6

The Filipino people have spoken.

Hours after the May 13 midterm elections, we almost have the list of newly-elected local officials and Senators that will fill the 13th to 24th seats in the Senate for the next three years beginning June 30, 2013.


YOUR SENATORS. Here are the names dominating the 2013 Elections’ Senatorial Race. Snapshot from GMA-7 Website

All the 229 district members of the House of Representatives will also be named after today’s counting while most of the provincial governors, city and town mayors, and the board members all over the country has already been proclaimed as early as last night.

We are providing you bit-by-bit updates about the Election Results on this page until the OFFICIAL RESULTS is out. (You may also follow @elysplanet) on Twitter.

As of this posting (6:30am, May 14), around 60 percent of the votes have been counted. We are posting the partial and unofficial results as per the Commission and Elections as well as the independent monitoring done by the GMA Network online.

The Top 12 Senators might have a slight change as the canvassing continues but it may not affect the positions of the upper half occupied by Grace Poe at number 1, Loren Legarda (2), Chiz Escudero (3), Alan Peter Cayetano (4), Nancy Binay (5) and Sonny Angara (6).

This is almost the same with the results of the recent SWS election survey.

It was a little surprising though that Grace Poe, daughter of the late actor Fernando Poe, Jr. topped the Senatorial race. The highly-criticized Binay remained strong at the fifth position followed by the Harvard School of Law graduate representative from Aurora, Sonny Angara.

COMELEC and GMA results are almost the same, with just a slight difference on the 15th and 16th spots occupied by Jack Enrile and Jun Magsaysay.

As per Commission on Elections (Comelec)’s Partial and Unofficial Results:

1. Grace Poe – 13,548,886
2. Loren Legarda – 12,328,510
3. Chiz Escudero – 11,722,785
4. Alan Peter Cayetano – 11,700,510
5. Nancy Binay – 10,932,716
6. Edgardo Angara – 10,626,832
7. Bam Aquino – 10,159,259
8. Koko Pimentel – 9,804,548
9. Antonio Trillanes IV – 9,455,267
10. Cynthia Villar – 9,129,939
11. JV Ejercito – 9,108,621
12. Gringo Honasan – 8,799,984
13. Dick Gordon – 8,486,626
14. Migz Zubiri – 7,797,918
15. Jun Magsaysay – 7,571,356
16. Juan Ponce Enrile Jr – 7,569,670
17. Risa Hontiveros – 7,397,999
18. Ed Hagedorn – 5,735,963
19. Bro. Eddie Villanueva – 4,672,635
20. Jamby Madrigal – 4,453,072

As per GMA-7’s Partial and Unofficial Results

1. Grace Poe – 14,142,601
2. Loren Legarda – 12,903,749
3. Chiz Escudero – 12,236,185
4. Alan Peter Cayetano – 12,228,522
5. Nancy Binay – 11,474,694
6. Edgardo Angara – 11,106,109
7. Bam Aquino – 10,247,194
8. Koko Pimentel – 10,247,194
9. Antonio Trillanes IV – 9,861,614
10. Cynthia Villar – 9,564,514
11. JV Ejercito – 9,510,795
12. Gringo Honasan – 9,184,994
13. Dick Gordon – 8,819,345
14. Migz Zubiri – 8,178,666
15. Juan Ponce Enrile Jr – 7,926,939
16. Jun Magsaysay – 7917404
17. Risa Hontiveros – 7,712,592
18. Ed Hagedorn – 5,948,851
19. Bro. Eddie Villanueva – 4,857,422
20. Jamby Madrigal – 4,666,393

Do they deserve to win? See candidates’ profiles here.

Local Elections

If we find this year’s Senatorial Elections colorful, local elections is definitely more colorful with a lot of actions and dramas because of known political figures who never get tired of giving us something to laugh about — and yes, some of them are that annoying enough for us to frown a little and raise our eyebrows from time to time. It is also important to note that violence is still rampant in this year’s elections like that in the past.

When will this end? That’s seems not an intelligent question.

There will be a few and major changes in the local political landscapes in the country’s major cities and provinces come July 2013.

In Manila, the tough and circus-like battle between former President Joseph “ERAP” Estrada and incumbent mayor Alfredo Lim is almost over with the former president as the victor. The ex-convict (for plunder) former president has snatched the Mayorship from Lim with his Vice Mayor, Isko Moreno winning the second highest seat in the city.

In his well-written err well-planned statement (yes, in English) released earlier today, Mayor-Elect Estrada said, “Today, you have all shown that you want to see the rebirth of Manila as the Queen City of the Pacific, the Pearl of the Orient.”

“… starting tomorrow, I am asking my worthy political opponents and the entire 1.6 million people in Manila to finally leave politics behind, and to rally behind me in putting Manila back to the pedestal of being once one of the greatest cities of the world, the Paris of Asia.”

Queen City of the Pacific. Paris of Asia. BIG WORDS.

Palawan’s New Officials

In my province, Palawan, almost the same old names dominate the local political arena.

Incumbent governor, Baham Mitra, son of the late House Speaker Ramon Mitra, Sr. seems to be losing to business Tycoon Jose Chavez Alvarez (JCA) with more than 40 percent difference in the gubernatorial seat, initial and unofficial tally reveals. JCA is the older brother of outgoing first district congressman Antonio Alvarez whose son, Chicoy taking over the seat he is leaving.

Son of the late Palawan governor Salvador Socrates, current Palawan second district representative Dennis Socrates won over Board Member Boy Bonoan as Vice Governor.

New faces but the same old names are elected congressmen of the two other Palawan districts as well: Frederick Abueg, son of Amor Abueg dominated the second district while Douglas Hagedorn, brother of longtime Puerto Princesa Mayor and Senatorial candidate, Edward Hagedorn won in the third district.

Board Members are mostly dominated by the same old names and politics veterans as well: Toto Pineda, Winston Arzaga, Onsoy Ola, Cherry Pie Pineda and David Ponce De Leon (First District); Jay Rodriguez, Marivic Roxas, Sharon Abiog-Onda, Sunny Batul, and Al Babao (Second District); and Al Rama, Daycel Adier, Perfecto Diaz, and Tomas Kutat (Third District).

Can we really expect changes in our political landscapes?

We could only hope that the new sets of officials could advance the welfare of the nation, not their own personal businesses.

What do you think about the Election 2013 results, folks?


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