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Francisco Felix Memorial NHS Champs Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo High Dance Contest

Today, Filipino TV viewer-followers of GMA noontime show Eat Bulaga could expect a better Saturday viewing experience the show offers a unique experience today as they hold the grand finals of the first ever Pinoy Henyo High Sayawan/Dance Contest live at Aliw Theater in Pasay City. This is our live blog coverage (yeah, supposedly. Thanks to my PC’s virus as I can’t publish things as they happen). Here’s the blow-by-blow updates (yes, but just in my notepad) for everyone who missed the show.

[Update]: Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School was declared grand winner of this year’s Eat Bulaga Pinoy Henyo High Dance Contest. They won a cash prize of P500,000. P300,000 of the prize will be given to the group while the remaining P200,000 will be given to the school for its arts and culture projects.


Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School received P500,000 cash prize for winning the first ever Eat Bulaga’s Pinoy Henyo High Dance Contest. ~ Photo from EB Facebook

A special citation was given to Las Piñas National High School with an additional P50,000 cash prize. The group received an initial P100,000 cash prize during the semi-finals.

I didn’t see the results coming. Here are my thoughts about the contestants and their presentations as published earlier today:

LIVE BLOG (Earlier): First to present is General Pio Del Pilar National High School of Makati. The group showcased story of Malakas and Maganda, a Filipino folktale regarding the origin of Man and Woman. With beautiful butterfly costumes and stunts, good choreography, the group might be considered for the top spot but not as a grand champion. Hmmnnn…

Las Piñas East National High School followed with a very Filipino-themed presentation. Great moves as well but it seems lacking with the dance champion elements the judges might be looking for.

Luis Hervias National High School of Bacolod looks intimidating with their Ati and Ninja like presentation. However, the lights on their costumes that should help them with the effect failed to help that much. The dance should be presented without lights off but they seem to fail to communicate with Eat Bulaga production staff. Sayang. And yes, may sumemplang. Out of the Top 5. Let’s see what others will present after the break.

The show is back with the sexy-sweet number from GMA Artists Bea Binene, Christopher Martin, Bella Padilla and Rocco Nacino with Boomboom Paw Boys and EB Babes. It’s nice.

Now is the time for the 4th finalist, Malate Catholic School. The team showcases great cheerleading stunts and cool dance moves but not a champion presentation for me.

Fifth to perform is Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School with hoolahoops and balls and glittery costume. Great stunts with tents as props are noticeable. Their overall presentation could land them in the top six should one or two other finalists to follow fail to showcase great presentations. (Update: Ok, am wrong. They did win. They’re actually the champion!)

Baguio City National High School showcases good moves from entrance to finish. Wearing native Igorot costume, the team offers variations that are lacking in the other contestants. The use of other native materials and by showcasing the Filipino indigenous culture mixed with modern dance music is an advantage but still, not good enough for the title. Now in my top three though.

Seventh finalist is Pitogo High School (Makati). They have the best introduction so far. Good moves as well. Not the champion for me as well. And yes, their ending stunt? Baliktad na school logo. Let us know what others could offer after the break.

The show is back on air now with Eat Bulaga Mister Pogi 2012 winner John Edric Culang with other Mister Pogi finalists performing a cutie dance and song number. Okay, kinikilig ang mga kababaihan at kabaklaan sa studio. They just gone wild.

Fans gone wilder when actor-singer Jericho Rosales showed up on stage. The former Mister Pogi winner gave a song number. New Kapuso

Christian Bautista also gave a great song number.

Finalist number 8 is Rizal High School who sported a Michael Jackson dance moves. That introduction from the fat boy made a difference. See, you don’t have to be totally as thin as Michael Jackson to do it. Hehe. Though we love MJ and their performance is all good, I find it lacking with variety, not enough to win the grand prize.

Sta. Ana National High School of Davao performed next. The group’s strength is it’s being a constant winner at Davao’s Kadayawan Festival. With the championship titles, this definitely is a team to beat. Let’s see. Uhm, this team is well-prepared in terms of costume. Energetic and concised moves, that facial expression and stunts plus the props, they’re the front-runner, no doubt about that. They’re my winner for now. Let’s see the two remaining contestants…

Dasmariñas East National High School is second to last to perform but they’re the one that challenged Davao’s Sta. Ana HS.

Costume is high-schoolers, the stunts are great and they’re very energetic. Now I am having a difficult time choosing betwen Davao and this group for this Dasma EHS might win the title. If not, their would only be a point something difference with Davao. Let’s see what Paco Catholic School could offer. They’re next.

Paconians costume is one of the simplest but looks fantastic on TV. I don’t like their use of Nicki Minaj’s song but it mixes well with the other songs in their music. Variations in dance moves is great though I find the level of difficulty easy to medium. They could settle for the fourth place though with the first performer, General Pio Del Pilar in the third place.

Who shall win? It’s either Sta. Ana National High School of Davao or Dasmarinas East National High School. But official results will be out in a few minutes. Let’s see.

Okay, the result is out. It was Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School. They’re the grand champion while a special citation was given to Las Piñas National High School. Congrats, guys!

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