Movie Review: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo

Star Cinemas Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo wasnt part of our list of films to watch this week because of the ongoing Cinemalaya Film Festival. But since yesterdays schedule at Trinoma permitted a few hours vacant for me and movie bud, E-jay Payumo of Net 25, we decided to watch this Kim Chiu-Xian Lim-starrer film. Besides, there was no chance for me to say no for E-jay is a Kim Chiu-super fan.Personally, I am not really a die hard fan of Kim but I really liked the thought of her and Xian Lim together. I liked their onscreen chemistry. Plus Xian is a favorite of mine since the day he graced My Binondo Girl

TV series.
Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo paved the way for that chemistry to get to a test once more. Tell you, Xian and Kim exceeded all my expectations. I never thought they could pull out a very good film out of this story based from the book of the same title by comedian Ramon Bautista.
We never thought the whole duration of the film will be a laugh trip, definitely a breaker from our Cinemalaya movie marathon.

At first, I thought the film banked on the popularity of the idea behind Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo, which easily attracts anybody in their teens and early twenties to check out the film. But I was wrong. The true strength of the film is Kim and Xians chemistry. And it was Kims characters Kakikayan that successfully ushered viewers from a good start to a great finish though there are some difficult-to-swallow part in the middle.
I personally didnt like the inclusion of the family drama (Kim, Pokwang and gay brother) because there was not enough solid background for it so it feels so pilit. The monologue-ish Star Cinema style doesnt really sell for me but it was all fine for it helps the teen viewers get a good grasp of the story.

All in all, the film didnt fail to make us laugh and giggle at the same time. There was even several times that all we can do was clap along with the crowd-fans and laugh out the loudest for the kilig and comic timing were just perfect. Considering its neither a premiere nor a block screening, the reaction from the crowd is priceless.Kim successfully launched her career as the new comedy princess with the sexy Xian as her ultimate leading man.
With the outcome of the film, Director Joyce Bernal has just proven once again that shes a gem in the Philippine film industry.

Theres no doubt shell continue making films of good quality yet of commercial value.
We wouldnt be surprised if the film rakes in high ticket sales, if not break box office records of the previous Star

Cinema films.
Though Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo is targeted on the young audience, it is fine to tag along moms and dads for it might just rekindle the old flames

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