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Sam Concepcion Sexy Photo for Bench

Sam Concepcion poses naked in a pictorial

Expect a half-naked photo of Sam Concepcion all around the Philippines, if not on Billboards along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare in days to come.

The singer-actor has just done a topless for the local clothing brand Bench, and tell you, he’s in his sexiest figure.

Sam Concepcion Sexy Photo for Bench

Sam Concepcion showcases his sexy body in this photo

Drool not if you find some abs and sexy biceps and triceps for that’s a product of several months of work out.

Indeed, our favorite Sam is no longer a kid. He has grown into a sexy man as he turns 21 on October 17.

“I’m excited about turning 21 but at the same time kind of scared. 21 is the time when life starts. So that’s time I need to think of my life here in showbiz, my career,” he told media.

“When I was younger, other people were handling my career. I have my managers who take care of it. I was just basically doing what they tell me to do.

“But now, I want to be involved in the direction my career would take. I would like to be more hands on and to make my own decisions.”

He added it is the perfect time to go sexy.

“I couldn’t do it when I was younger. I knew my fans would be taken by surprise. Pero topless lang naman ako [But I’m just appearing topless], just showing my torso.

“Even those whom I’ve worked with before, baka magulat din pero maging sila nag-mature na rin [even they might be surprised, although they have also matured].”

Do you find him sexy, folks? Because we do and we believe you agree with us.

Photo credit: Carlo Orosa

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