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Daiana Menezes Nude for UNO Magazine

Daiana Menezes poses naked for UNO Magazine

Daiana Menezes Nude for UNO Magazine

Daiana Menezes Nude for UNO Magazine

Controversial Brazilian model Daiana Menezes poses nude for the cover of the latest issue of men’s magazine UNO.

Tagged as her “sexiest pictorial ever,” UNO Magazine’s 88th issue cover features the 26-year-old commercial model with only a necktie covering a part of her exposed breast.

The “Brazilipina” cover photo was unveiled on Monday, August 19 on the magazine’s Facebook page.

It can be recalled that Menezes became a subject of various sorts of controversy in the past months.

First was when she posted series of tweets pertaining to rape and domestic violence that when fetched by the fetched, she and husband, former Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjamin Benaldo vehemently denied in various TV interviews.

Days later, Menezes was seen crying on TV, accusing her husband of being insincere in his apologies. She even went as far as considering filing for divorce.

But when Benaldo was hospitalized late June due to suspected suicide attempt, Menezes was seen by his side.

Is it enough for Menezes to just pose naked for a men’s magazine or she owes the public the naked truth behind the dramas? You decide.

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