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Wally Bayola Scandal 2013

On Wally Bayola scandal and this new trend of ‘ugly’ sex videos

Sure, every sex scandal has a space in almost everyone’s mind.

Sex videos, though most of the time pose danger to the ones involved, have been part of our lives in the recent past. Katrina Halili. Hayden Kho. Maricar Reyes. Chito Miranda. The list is endless.

They come and soon enough, they are forgotten. And if to be remembered, just as to provide background to most recent news about another scandal.

The Wally Bayola sex video scandal with an EB Babe dancer (named Yosh) and not with his wife, that hit the internet Tuesday morning is the latest scandal that captured the Filipino people’s attention.

And compare with the series of scandals that hit the internet recently, this one is the ugliest scandal so far.

Ok, scandal per se is ugly. So think of one that’s uglier than the word itself.

If people just got dismayed with the recent Chito Miranda-Neri Naig scandal, most of my friends who have watched this new video scandal vomited right after watching the more than six-minute amateur video.

As one friend puts it, those who lack physical beauty do not have the license to capture their sexual acts on cam. I am quoting him here but that’s not to mock Wally’s physical attributes. No one has the right to do that to anybody, right?

But please. Do not even dare to record your sexual acts.

Even for personal consumption.

This Wally Bayola sex video is the ugliest video in a sense that Wally is a married man with five kids. And the comedian was caught doing the act with a lady not his wife. That’s it.

So no matter how some people say to leave Wally alone, it’s not just easy for most of us to do that. Most married women are here to stay and say, “Do not be like Wally. Never. Whether captured on video or not.”

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