Marian Rivera Tagged in a New Nude Photo, Video Scandal

The online world just got a new nude photo and video scandal with GMA-7’s top-prized actress, Marian Rivera. The issue surfaced just a week after you had Angel Locsin and a few days after the Rayver Cruz and Christine Reyes sex scandal video rumor has hit the net.

Marian Rivera Nude Photo Video Skype Scandal 2013

The alleged Marian Rivera Nude Photo-Video Skype Scandal.

The Rayver-Christine‘s is yet to be proven. And since the Locsin’s nude photo was proven fake, we can easily say that Marian Rivera’s scandal is manipulated as well.

The photo, which is said to have been grabbed from a YouTube video captured through Skype is showing Rivera with her breasts exposed. The particular YouTube video that uploaded the vid questions the authenticity of the material captioned, “Totoo ba to Marian Rivera Skype Webcam Scandal??!?

In this day and age with computer and Photoshop manipulation is as easy as A-B-C, nude photos and video scandals are definitely to be a continuing issue. So let’s give Marian’s photo scandal a doubt. Unless admitted, this scandal will remain a rumor like the previous ones.

What can you say, folks? It is true or not?

Meanwhile, netizens first tagged Marian in a scandal when her wardrobe has malfunctioned during a performance on the now-defunct Sunday variety show ‘SOP’ in February, 2009.

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