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Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee Half Naked Photo

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro Hot Photos

WHILE OTHERS are busy with the part two of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Scandal, let us temporarily do a breather. Yeah, let this post just be a simple breather — though ‘breather’ could also mean ‘breathtaking’ as what came to our mind are these two hottest hunks of today: Young Actor Enchong Dee and Hot Gay Guy Sebastian Castro.

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee Scandal

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee are hot in this half-naked photo

Enchong and Sebastian are two hot guys that have become popular on their own merits — so they deserve your attention, folks. And this post was specifically made for them.

Enchong Dee was an athlete, a great swimmer at that, before the Filipinos demanded more of him on television. He is currently one of the most bankable actors in the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN. His TV series, “Muling Buksan Ang Puso” is one of the most watched show on TV today, if not the most watched. With an improving acting, an awesome charisma, and a mysterious self behind the camera, no question that he has a long way to go in the showbiz industry. Though Dee has already made a name, a household name at that, he definitely has more to offer to his followers and the would-be TV viewers. With his gender remained being questioned, Enchong has kept mum on the issue and I think he will remain quiet about it, ‘kahit magkabasagan pa ng itlog’ as they say. Whether you would believe the rumors or not, he is leaving it up to you. For us, we don’t care. Enchong is still loved in this side of the planet.

Enchong Dee Hot Naked Body

Enchong Dee wants you inside his heart

Sebastian Castro on the other hand is that handsome Peruvian model who made a buzz after he came out as GAY in February. Now in his early 20’s, Sebastian has become a very relevant gay personality in showbiz afterwards — making waves in the industry in his own ways. He has become one of the new faces campaigning against HIV/AIDS. More than that, he has staged a great exhibit of his art works before he flew to the US earlier this year. In our recent chit chat with Seb (as his friends call him), he is about to release an album and is hoping to star in an Indie Film to be directed by an award-winning director soon.

Sebastian Castro Hot Photo

If you find Sebastian Castro’s hotness oozing when he’s naked, this simple photo of him will make you think again. I tell you, he is even hotter with shirt on

Why are they here now? You ask. There are a lot of reasons actually, reasons that you might know already. But before we even say more, isn’t their being ‘hot’ enough for this space? And if we are to rank the hottest men in the Philippines today, Enchong and Seb will tie for the third spot, following Enrique Gil on the second spot and Alex Castro, my ultimate favorite, on the top spot. But let us talk about Quen and Alex on the next posts. For now, let us show you hot photos of Seb and Enchong that would make you agree with me when I say they deserve the D-R-O-O-L.

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro Half Naked

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro strut their chiseled abs on the runway

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee are scandalous in these photos, aren’t they?

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro Hot Shirtless Photo

Best in Look Up: Who did it better? Enchong Dee or Sebastian Castro?

Sebastian Castro Half Naked in his blue underwear.

Much as we don’t want to post men in briefs here, this one we cannot self ourselves not to be posted. What do you think?

Photos are not mine. Got them from Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee’s fan pages.

UPDATE: Have you heard about the Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro Scandal rumor? Seb actually denied it. Hmmmnn… Check out this post.

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