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Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro Scandal: Does A Sex Video Really Exist?

IT’S SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL. It seems that we can do nothing about this trend now. This time, it is none other than Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro who has just came out as gay earlier this year who are rumored to have a sex video scandal.

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee

Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee are scandalous in these photos, aren’t they?

We actually have been receiving a lot of queries about the so-called Enchong-Sebastian scandal recently but getting no confirmation about it yet, and not seeing the videos ourselves, we kept our mouth shut.

Seriously, where did this scandal rumor come from?

After doing some research, this actually originated when a parody account of a celebrity posted “Sebastian Castro and Enchong Dee Scandal” on Twitter and linked it to a blind item posted by Entertainment Host Ogie Diaz on saturday.

Excerpts of the blind item, which is a conversation between Diaz and a source reads as follows:

“Mga 10 seconds lang po yung sex video. Kitang-kita po yung mukha nila pareho.”

“Kita ang buo nilang katawan. Hubo’t hubad sila pareho. Panakaw yung pag-video ng friend ko, eh. Hindi siguro alam ‘yon ni ________ (Young Actor).”

“Bini-BJ po ni YA yung kaibigan ko. Tapos, kinukunan nito ng video sa celfone niya.”

Bakit ipinakita sa kanya? “Wala lang po. Gusto lang niyang iyabang na ikinama daw siya ni YA.”

“Kitang-kita naman po ang mukha niya saka ‘yung friend kong kapartner niya na kaklase niya sa college. Pero sabi po ng friend ko sa akin, last year pa daw ‘yan nangyari. Gusto niya kasing i-prove sa akin na bakla talaga si YA.”

Viral na ba ‘yung video? “Sabi niya sa akin, hindi naman daw niya ikakalat, eh! For personal file lang daw niya po.”

People immediately speculated that the Young Actor was actually Enchong and the lover was pertaining to Sebastian.

Before we could even prove the rumor true, we need to ask if Enchong and Sebastian were really lovers. I asked Sebastian about it but he neither confirmed nor denied the relationship. [Update: He somehow denied the existence of the sex video though].

For me, dragging Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro in a scandal that doesn’t exist is not fair, especially for Enchong who really do his best to please his fans.

It remains baseless because the two seems to haven’t met each other yet. We are trying our best to get a confirmation from Seb or Enchong about the ‘meet’ thing though. We will let you know when we get updates.

How about you, folks? Do you believe in the rumor? Just hit the comment button below.

Meanwhile, we believe that Sebastian and Enchong are two hot hunks that would make a lot of you out there smile, if not giggle. So we created this post earlier.

And while we cannot guarantee that their sex video does exist, this hot viral video of Seb is awesome and available so we offer it instead:

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