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Matthew Belino: The Guy Behind the Viral Albie Casiño Photo Scandal

THE NEXT TIME you see or hear a scandal attached to a celebrity’s name, do further research. More often than not, the scandal is fake or pertains to someone else.

Take for example the most recent scandal that instantly became viral, which was reported as the ‘Albie Casiño Photo Scandal’ but was later found out to be a photo of another guy.

Casiño whose name has been tagged with different controversies since his successful entry to showbiz since the 2010 ‘Mara Clara Remake’ has gone into a ‘hot guy’ who could make anyone take a second look, if not drool.

Matthew Belino seen as Albie Casiño Photo Scandal

Matthew Belino seen as Albie Casiño Photo Scandal

So when a malicious photo mistakenly indentified as him circulated online, many of the netizens went crazy.

It is sad to note however that the photo tagged as Albie’s scandal wasn’t the 20-year old actor whose success was hampered when he denied impregnating then girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

The guy in the photo scandal is actually model Matthew Belino who has a resemblance with Casiño.

Belino, 22, is a Batangueño Aviation Engineering graduate at PATTS. The 5’9″ print model posed for the Frontman Magazine for the scandalous photo.

His one particular photo resembles with Casiño but looking at their other pictures, Belino has a charisma of his own. It cannot be benied however that Casiño has gone a long way when it comes to toning his muscles, especially with his being part of this year’s Cosmo Bash.

We compiled some photos of the two hunks and we offer them here for you to decide which photos deserve to be viral. Feel free to share.

We are trying to contact Belino for his comments about this unexpected rise to fame. We’d definitely giving you Casiños side on the issue once we bumped into him one of these days.

Albie Casiño half naked photo 01

Albie Casiño half naked photo series as posted on his Instagram account

Albie Casiño half naked photo 02

Albie Casiño is real hottie!

Albie Casiño half naked photo 03

Yes, this is another Albie Casiño

Albie Casiño half naked photo

Albie Casiño at the back stage during this year’s Cosmo Bash

Albie Casino hot photo

That abs and that whatever is that? Oh, that’s the hottest Albie Casino photo shared online


This is the sexy Matthew Belino in his boxer shorts

Photos from DSP and from Albie Casiño Instagram account.

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