Betting Odds Speak: Miss Universe 2013 Top 3 Winners are Philippines, Spain and USA

IF WE ARE to crown Miss Universe 2013 today and based on betting lines alone, grand winner would be Miss Philippines Ariella Arida with Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez and Miss USA Erin Brady as her runners-up
Betting lines are always a good indicator of the outcome of any competition, UK-based IBTimes report says.

Just a few days before the finals night to be held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia on Nov 9, 2013, the Filipina beauty remains the top favourite among 86 pageant contestants from around the world.
Arida’s payout odds is now even better, now priced at an even 3.0   a better chance of winning from the initial line (4.5) set last week. Shes followed by Misses USA and Spain, both priced at 6.5.

These line movements could mean that the money, or actual bets, are starting to pour in for Miss Philippines, Miss USA and Miss Spain, IBTimes reported
Arida remains the strongest contestant to win the crown online and offline, and even on the betting line
Some ladies went up while others were crashed out of the Top 10 compared with last weeks standing.
Top 10 Favourites to Win the 2013 Miss Universe title as of Nov 3:

Miss Philippines 3.0
Miss Spain 6.5
Miss USA 6.5
Miss France 11.0
Miss Panama 12.0
Miss Venezuela 13.0
Miss Poland 13.0
Miss Russia 13.0
Miss India 15.0
Miss Australia 15.0

Top 10 Favourites to Win the 2013 Miss Universe title as of Oct 29:

Miss Philippines 4.5
Miss USA 8.5
Miss Spain 12.00
Miss Panama 12.00
Miss India 15.00
Miss Australia 15.00
Miss France 17.00
Miss Russia 17.00
Miss Colombia 17.00
Miss Ukraine 17.00

Last years Miss Universe competition saw Miss USA Olivia Culpo win the title and she was priced at 10-to-1 (10.0), beating the pre-competition favourite (6.0) Melinda Bam from South Africa.
This is not absolute though as the bettors are not the actual judges in the competition and a lot of things could happen come final night. The betting lines just serve as a very good guide, however, and it could earn some fans extra cash in the fight for the Miss Universe crown.