Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath: 10 Heartbreaking Photos

Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), which is considered one of the strongest typhoons in the planet, did not leave the country without causing heartbreaks and pains to most of our Filipino countrymen. Thousands of lives were lost, multi-million-peso properties were destroyed, especially in the hardly-hit areas, Tacloban in Leyte, Cebu, Ilo-ilo, Antique and Palawan, among others.

In Tacloban City alone, around 10,000 people are feared dead. The city is still without a line of communication and many roads remain impassable as of this posting. Several other towns in the whole province of Leyte cannot be reached by other means of transportation except by chopper and by boat thus, food supplies and other relief goods cannot be easily brought to the areas.

In my home province of Palawan, the island towns of Coron (with over 1,200 families affected) and Taytay where my parents and brothers live (has around 1,600 families affected), according to the Palawan Information Agency.

Tourism land marks have been destroyed, including the giant cross in Corons Mount Tapias. The towns are now under state of calamity.

As we are yet to get more details on the extent of Yolandas damages, we gathered photos from around the world to give you, our dear readers, at least a glimpse of how the several provinces in the Philippines look like after the typhoon.

Much as we wanna believe that nothing can break the Filipino spirit, our hearts remain vulnerable to pain, and these scenes, captured by the lenses of our fellows who are in the area, are definitely heartbreaking.

Check them out and may these photos touch your heart and compel everyone to take action, extend help and let our brethren know that they are loved, and we are here to help them. Hit that share to facebook button on the side as well so our friends would know. Feel free to tweet or re-tweet as needed. Yes, we can do more just by hitting a few buttons on our gadgets.