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Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual Movie

‘Starting Over Again’ Movie Reunites Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga

Their first was pretty successful but it didn’t blossomed into a lasting one. However, Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga are ‘Starting Over Again.’

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Pascual was already one of the hottest male stars in 2001 when he first worked with Gonzaga, then a thriving commercial model and singer, in the Sprite TV commercial popularly known as ‘I Love You, Piolo’. This time, they’re working together again not but in one of the most anticipated movies of 2014: ‘Unlove You’ errr ‘Starting Over Again.’

Who would have thought that a shouting fan girl would be paired with everyone’s ‘dream guy’ one day? Probably none. Gonzaga was one in a hundred.

After more than a decade, their first movie together will be shown in theaters nationwide starting February 12.

Starting Over Again Movie Poster

Starting Over Again Movie Poster

The plot/synopsis? The film is a romantic-comedy about second chances, depicting Gonzaga and Pascual as ex-lovers. It’s more of the real-life Toni and Piolo’s professional relationship. You should watch the trailer below to understand.

‘Starting Over Again’ is Star Cinema’s Valentine’s offering for 2014. That’s after 13 years after their TVC project hit the entertainment box, and eight years since Gonzaga moved from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN.

Was it worth all the wait?

“It’s definitely worth the wait,” says Pascual in an interview over a local radio last Friday, January 17.

“This is a one-of-a-kind movie, which took more than six months to make,” the actor added. From among the many love stories and dramas he has done in his entire career, ‘Starting Over Again’ stands out for its modern and contemporary setting.

Directed by Olivia Lamasan, the film is “a roller coaster ride” and “something real for the audience to experience,” says the actor who expressed amusement for his film.

“When you go to a movie you want to be able to identify what’s happening, relate to the character who goes through certain situations with a loved one, partner or whoever they’re with,” Pascual said.

Pascual and Gonzaga’s Sprite TVC in 2011:

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