MMFF 2016 Movie Review: Vince and Kath and James

STAR CINEMA FINALLY got a good romantic comedy film-entry at the Metro Manila Film Festival.

The story line is not extraordinary but it is what makes it a film enough to draw the younger, average audience to the MMFF: simple, relatable, and talks about the teenage love as it tackles conflicts within families, friends, and relatives. It is that one film very familiar to the most of the young viewers yet enough to tickle the emotions of anyone curious about it.

Vince and Kath and James may not be a complete breakaway to the old MMFF most people desire to have but it is what bridges the indie films to the youth of today, with an ounce of hope that it is in any way helps them embrace the idea that the changes in the MMFF are not to alienate the young, common viewers. This film offers our usual MMFF audience a good film way better than the trash movies these past few years without the need for complicated story or too poetic dialogues.

While it tackles about young love in a direct way along with the usual conflicts, Vince and Kath and James makes good use of the tools offered by technology: Joshuas blog, the exchange of text messages, and the quotes the young people all use in their everyday lives.

Vince and Kath and James stars Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.
Vince and Kath and James stars Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.
The main cast, lead by Julia Barretto as Kath and Joshua Garcia as Vince made the film loveable than it should be. The two throws a lot of punches naturally, making their every emotion believable, if not truly engaging.

The young Barretto, the prettiest of all Barrettos the Philippine show business has ever had maybe, is out to make a name of her own, not just with a pretty face or a controversial family name, but with an acting talent to bank on.

Garcia uses his own charm to his advantage, and it is oozing in this film. It wouldnt be successful if not for this young actor. Owning his role is one thing, his effortless performance is another. Given with good projects, Garcia is going to be Star Cinema and ABS-CBNs gold mine. With the success of Vince and Kath and James, it is only right for the network to bank on Garcia-Barretto tandem.

Ronnie Alonte as James is a good balance between the two but his acting is miserable. In almost all of his scenes, he is comparable to that boy having a hard time pooping. Workshops, a lot of them, are necessary in order to make use of this guy, who is one of the most followed Kapamilya talents in social media. If nothing will change in his acting, let him stay in the dance group, #hashtags as a dancer.

Maris Racal who plays Maxine, the best friend of Kath, needs more workshops as well. While she did well in some scenes, she overdone it in a lot more others. To say the least, Racal is not yet ready for the big screen though it is not without hope.

Theodore Boborol did a good job in directing this film, especially in framing the fantastic chemistry between his two lead actors. Cinematography may not be that excellent but it is never below quality as well.

Whether you are young or young at heart, go watch Vince and Kath and James and relive that old flames you once felt and will forever cherish. Its worth your every dime.

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